About us

Fe y Alegría in Peru

Is a non-profit association that manages public educational institutions with the commitment to provide quality education to the excluded and most vulnerable sectors of society. We are part of the International Federation of Fe y Alegría, which is present in 22 countries in Latin America, Africa and Europe


Fe y Alegría is a movement of popular education and social promotion, committed to the construction of a just and solidarity-based society, with a preferential option for the most vulnerable people and communities, through a transforming, integral and quality educational approach to public education. It is based on and inspired by Jesus Christ and the values embodied in his way of life.


By 2030 Fe y Alegría is present in new frontiers of exclusion through programs and public IIEE that are benchmarks in education for life, ethical and citizenship training, comprehensive ecological awareness and the responsible use of technology. It is recognized for its work in networks and its innovative pedagogical and management proposals, which have an impact on educational policies and contribute to the consolidation of full citizenship.

We transform lives

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